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[I love you, Jesus Christ,
Jesus Christ I love you, yes I do.] x2
And on the lazy days the dogs dissolve and drain away,
The world it goes and always waits
The day we are awaiting.

All I know
We go through the weight and undertow
I will float until I learn how to swim,
Inside my mother in a garbage bin,
until I find myself again,
Again, oh.

All I know
We go mouths open wide and spit in stuff
I will spit until I learn how to speak
Up through the doorway as the sideboards creak
With them ever proclaiming me, me, oh

All I know
We go the way the steps fell down and I dont know,
I will shout until they know what I mean,
I mean the marriage of a dead dog sing
And a synthetic flying machine, machine, oh.



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