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Red alert from the Dairy Queen
To Vatican from Panama City

Calling Pope John Paul, ole buddy, ole pl
Hey-lemme crash at your place for a while

I know I've shot your priests full of holes
But you forgave the guy who shot you

I'm being persecuted, man
Let me in, let me in

Voodoo priestesses and interplanetary crack
I shall be released, thanks to my red underwear
Dignity battalions terrify and rule the streets
Pictures of the Smurfs tattooed on the sides of their jeeps

When the mouse that roared
Bites the elephant that feeds
Ringmster cracks
20,000 whips

All I did was double-cross the CIA
G.E. and Lockheed do that every day
Yeh... Aw yeh...

The Gringoes siezed all my pottery frogs
And teddy beaars dressed in cammo fatigues
The Hitler poster by the Christmas tree
Save me, Tipper
They're blasting Bon Jovi at me
At me

Voodoo priestesses and interplanetary crack
I shall be released, thanks to my red underwear
Sex with boys and girls in my chopper high in the sky
When kinder gentler bombs
Explode in thousand points of light

Cara de Pina-Muere! Muere!
Cara de Pina-Muere! Muere!
Corrupto! Asesino

The Place is surrounded
I can't get away
Even sent the Stealth bomber
Just to prove it'll fly
For Yankee teen anguish
Use Pineapple Face
As American as where Coca Cola got its name
Yeh...oh yeh...

I promise, monsignor, you can trust me
I'll even goon tour with David Crosby
"Forgive me, kids, drugs ruined my life"
I'll even tell 'em condoms make you go blind

Bloodthirsty cries of the people outside
Bloodthirsty cries of the people outside
Can't show my face, can't show my face
Can't show my face, or they'll tear it away


Voodoo priestesses and interplanetary crack
Hafta wonder if this guy really exists
Who in their right mind would pose for Time Magazine
Frosted thumb in mouth, slicing his birthday cake with a machete


Ding dong the witch is dead
More warm up in Uncle Sam's bullpen
Cartoon boogeyman to keep people scared
I believe every word 'cos the truth is too weird
Who framed Roger Rabbit
Who framed Khaddafi then blew up his kid

nothing to do now but spill the beans
Florida here I come

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