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You can see it
In the clouds up in the sky

Floats by in clusters
In our water supply

It's all of us, man
In our pores and in our hair

Lard is
What we conceal
With these corny clothes we wear

Lard is all
Lard is divine
Lard is in control
Lard whips and chains our soul

Lard We carry credit cards
Lard We live in fear of art

Lard is the only
Lard is revolution
Lard is the tapeworm
In the bottle of cheap tequila
That comes alive at night
And sneaks up and
Bites you nipple


Nowadays, most of us need someone
To run our personal life
Someone to see that
The plants are watered,
Someone to make sure the place is clean,
Someone to make sure dinner is waiting.
Someone to call for theatre tickets,
Someone to make up those cheap excuses

What we need isĀ·

Lard The answer
Lard The dancer
Lard The ointment
Lard The dream
Absorb it
Inflame it
Respect it
Molest it

The country right now just wants to be soothed
And told it doesn't have to pay or sacrifice or learn
No one is over the hill
When the mountain comes to Mohammed


Lard We love to eat
Lard We love to pray
Lard Mold over mind
Lard Hooray!

Every time I take a crap
It's a cosmic experience

Religion and chemicals
Are the key to the future

Next time we have sex
Just pretend that I'm Ed Meese

The weasels have it down, man
It's a whole new age


Which would you prefer
A computer or a gun?

The sharks outlived the dinosaurs, you know

Pity the poor trainer
In the stable when the racehorse farts

Poison oak really is
The aphrodisiac of the gods

When people are asleep
We must all become alarm clocks

Hey man, Life is my college

It's dental floss of the mind
Who will babysit the babysitters?

Ever hear about the guy in New York
whose dick Fell off in the bath after he shot it full of coke?

It's ok to run out of butter in Zambia
Just smear squashed caterpillars on your toast

Waiter, there's a terrorist in my soup
Which came first Max Headroom or Gerald Ford?

Are you a man or are you a mouse?
If you love your fun, Die for it!

And feel
The POWER of Lard
The POWER of Lard
The POWER of Lard
The POWER of Lard

Avoid everything, etc...

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