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so much i'll never know
so much i can never feel
so many promises betrayed when you walked away
i'm holding on letting the past slip through my fingers
but the scars that burn my soul won't let it go
i can never leave
there's no way back i left too soon
i'm falling down where are you
too far to reach too lost to care
is this what you wanted
i'm slipping away letting the past decide my reasons
and the scars that mark my soul have left me crippled in isolation

don't let it go
where have you gone
the memories so clear
there's no turning back
please don't let it go
don't turn away again
my soul is tied to yours

tomorrow never came
the colors washed away
never seeing through we lost it all
we've walked away
you're letting go letting the past slip through your fingers
dropped into this nothingness
these cries for help were never answered

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