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in a trance of mystery
the enigma of your poison is consuming me
i'm falling so far
your scent is so strong
the sting of your illusion
has broken me down
you live in my mind
seducing my eyes
i cannot ignore this feeling that divides
my mind
my body
in all that you have
scorpio remains delicately sad

so fragile inside
the tragedies of life
have forced you to hide
the pain you suffered
the love you destroyed
your failure to trust
has opened this void
so innocent you are
the misery you embody is the pain we share
the workl that you see
through enchanting eyes
cannot replace the beauty you are

in the face of tragedy
the stigma of your beauty is surrounding me
i've gone too far your memory lives on
you've drowned your surroundings to escape and move on
child of the water
your guilt is in vain
no fault is yours yet the feelings remain
the burning of desire
and the threat of release
scorpio lies to cleanse the disease

all times left behind
sorrow filling pain inside
you possess the courage
and the strength to conquer
these walls are falling down
ruins crumbling to the ground
breaking away from all the pain
all lies left behind
sorrow is no longer mine
you possess the courage and the strength to conquer
these walls have fallen down
ruins crumbled to the ground
scorpio rises beyond the remains

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