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a line representing all the hope we have swallowed
it looks so black disintegrate inside I am hollow
whipped around and thrashing through
the trenches of the mind
electric breeding thoughts impair the protocol isn't kind
holding on to view the pain to know there's nothing left
violent risks of agony seeking not to care
slaying all the passion that cannot see your crime
twisted deeds of nature fight the heavens you define
terminal recession sitting calmly on the line
peaks and valleys quivering there's nothing left inside
as it dies the signal fades the table is complete
non responsive shell of life phases out your needs
open feed of inspiration burdening the void
terror noise chanting lies
you cannot disguise the simplest release
murderous action taken to manufacture disease
a line representing all the hope we've devoured
it feels so dark necessitate alone upon this tower
looming down and piercing through the burials of regret
electric bleeding veins despair this parallel isn't mine
reaching out to touch your face
a tangible reason why
violent cause of symmetry seeking to define
stealing for the poison
feeling the relief
twisted rules of nature fight the heavens you've received

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