Here are some WOComponents that you may or may not find useful.

Provides a portal-ish "You are here" display.
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Provides a simple wrapper for the HTML FONT tag.
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HTML-based window with the look and feel everybody loves.

Ordered list with a configurable limit. Uses HSFont to control the 'look' of objects in the array. Can also be linked via WOHyperlink.

Ordered dictionary with linked and unlinked text.

Additions to SWTable (from Scott Anguish of Stepwise fame). Includes a configurable header column and adding 'blank' cells to compensate for 'short' listings (rather than empty cells).

Matrix of checkboxes without the 'cumbersome' DSCheckboxMatrix API. This component uses 3 bindings: checkedArray (which objects should default to being checked), listingArray (listing of objects to display), and returnArray (which items were checked). Can optionally have a keyValue binding for EO's. Also includes optional bindings for the display of the matrix's text (HSFont) and display of the matrix itself (HSTable).

Matrix of popup (WOPopupButton) menus/buttons. Similar to HSCheckboxMatrix (see above). Can configure items in popup menu/button and set their defaults.

HSTable's TR tag as a component. Useful if you just need to display a custom table with odd rows as a different colour. Ripped shamelessly from SWTable (see also: HSTable above)

Various categories on EOEditingContext, NSObject, NSArray, EOQualifier, and more that let you easily manage many:many relationships.
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Embed a .html/.txt document in a page. Can be an external link.
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